PDF: Portable Document File

PDF: Portable Document File

Portable Document File is known as “PDF”. Also it is often called “Netware Printer Definition File” which is used for different types of documents and it doesn’t need any type of special OS, software and hardware. It is usually an open standard of document exchange. However, since Adobe Systems created the PDF format twenty-three years ago, it has rapidly turned out to be the number one universal document format on the web. Basically, there is an increasingly demand for such a format to make it possible for people to share their ideas and work digitally on the internet. The number of different software programs keeps on increasing and increasing, from implausible organizers, spreadsheet program, to photo editing software: they all tend to make lives easier. in How to Make a PDF File

The PDF format solved this problem by establishing itself as a system-wide universal format: practically everyone on any computer system is able to open a PDF file nowadays. Some people have not discovered the benefits of PDF yet, but in this article I will present you some of the benefits of PDF files.

Benefits of PDF

  • PDF Files meet legal document requirements: A document must be saved in a format that can’t be altered or changed without leaving any footprints, if you want it to be well-chosen in a court of law. A created PDF file can’t be modified, and usually satisfies these legal requirements.
  • It can be made from any source application/document: The great technology behind the PDF format enables you to convert different types of document, from any application to a PDF file. With a good PDF creator, your file will just seem like you printed your document on high quality paper.
  • PDF supports high level of data encryption and protection: Protect your PDF File, and prevent users from opening, printing, or even duplicating your work. The encrypted protection allows you to share your document, without having to worry about various doom situations.
  • It is designed for file-sharing and also compatible across platforms: From Linux, Mac, Windows to even PDA’s and smartphones: PDF files can be opened on any platform. You don’t need to worry about your associates, co-workers, students, family, or any person who you are sharing your files with, not being able to open your files.
  • It is viewable with web-browsers: You are simply able to open and view PDF documents in your preferred web-browser. You can just click a link at anytime someone links to a PDF file on a site, and the file will be opened automatically.

Check out some reasons for PDF file corruption

When a PDF file is corrupted or damaged, surely it cannot be opened anyway. And the reasons behind the corruption or damage might be the following:

The primary cause behind the damage or corruption of PDF files is virus-attack. There are a lot of viruses such as Trojan horse and worm which can severely affect your PDF files and damage them totally.

Another reason is when downloading a PDF file from internet and due to certain reasons the downloading hasn’t completed properly. Downloading process of the PDF file from the server to your computer gets disrupted while downloading and as a result of this, you receive a corrupted or damaged PDF file.

In addition to above reasons, when the shutdown process in your computer is not done properly, it can also cause damage or corruption of PDF files. At times, PDF files damaged as a result of some incompatible programs running on your computer at the same point of time or in some cases because of affected software or hardware. Also, when you do incomplete and bad hard-disk’s partition, your PDF file will be damaged or corrupted.

What you can do when a PDF file get damaged or corrupted?

To start with, you should take special care of your PDF file, but the truth is, when it is damaged or corrupted you should not be hopeless. Normally, while the valuable PDF file get corrupted or damaged, you get disturbed. Surely, you cannot avoid this type of problem. For this reason, you should do your best to resolve the particular problem related to your PDF file. Primarily, you should try to solve it manually. In some cases, the reasons could be very minor which can be easily fixed manually. There are some manual solutions suggested below which could be useful:

  • Large PDF’s may cause problems.
  • Check Security Options.
  • Disable “view in browser” feature.
  • View another PDF from a different web server.
  • Download PDF to hard drive.
  • Are you looking at the correct window?

Unfortunately, when those suggested solutions are unable to solve the problem, you can go for a third party tool. Whatever be the cause of PDF corruption, the result is that you would lose accessibility of your important file.

In the market today, there are many companies who provide such tool. But you should not purchase it before testing it. You should often give preference to those companies who provide free trial version of their tools. By so doing, you can get to learn and know much about their tools. Sometimes what happens if you purchase any software without testing it and in any case it doesn’t work as you desire, you feel like getting cheated, for this reason, you should always test the tool before buying it.